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“The Fog is Lifting - Part I: Islam In Brief”,is a documented view into Islam by the Bridges Foundation, which may seem as a subject many are unaware and understand very little of. The idea to make such a documentary came after the wake of 9-11 to declare that Muslims believe in freedom of speech and to explain about Islam and Islamic beliefs.The 9-11 attacks made many people search for educational, interesting & comprehensive information about Islam. This documentary encompasses it all.

It includes the following topics:

·         Meaning of Islam

·         Does God exist?

·         Freedom of Religion

·         Original Goodness

·         The Purpose of Life

·         The 6 Main Beliefs in Islam

·         The 5 Main Deeds of Muslims


Islam in brief has been produced with 28 different optional language subtitles.

By the end of the documentary, it is believed that by educating each other about differences, we facilitate the interconnection between people and increase their tolerance towards each other.

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The Fog is Lifting – Part II – Jihad on Terrorism”, is a documentary produced by Bridges Foundation. It entails a brief background about and the proper definition, historical context and current interpretation of jihad in Islam are expounded upon by Muslim scholars and leaders, including Imam Suhaib Webb, Dr Fadel Soliman and Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick. They are also joined by academics and scholars from various universities such as Dr Robert Pape, Dr Gunnar Westberg and Dr Samuel Pierce who share current research and information about terrorism and its lack of connection to Islam.

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Islam is always in the news headlines. You may always think that Islam is understood by everyone, however the reality is totally the opposite. In this time and age, there is still a lot of misconceptions and ignorance about this religion - or rather - this way of life.

We believe that the best way to remove prejuidice from society is through education. By tackling ignorance, we can work towards building a better society.

We would like you to spare time to read this information pack about Islam to educate yourself. This pack includes six leaflets on general and specific topics.
The titles are as follows:

1. What is Islam? A holistic approach
2. Islam is pure, natural & environmentally friendly.
3. The Qur'an: A book you can believe in.
4. Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him): An Islamic view
5. Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him): A role model for a new Millennium
6. Women in Islam: Beyond Stereotypes.

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