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Best Jihad for Syria

Abdul Qadir tells the Muslim Association of Britain

“Giving Aid is our Best Jihad for Syria.”

By Khalil Charles


Abdul Qadir Baksh from Luton is a man on a mission. 


This week he will be in Syria on yet another trip to deliver much needed aid and relief supplies to the war-torn country. He told, the Muslim Association of Britain, “the British authorities discourage us from going into Syria, but privately and unofficially some officers have expressed admiration for our determination to help our brothers and sisters – but they don’t seem to understand that it’s our duty.”

The supplies, which be will air-lifted by container and is sent to the boarder town in Turkey where Abdul Qadir together with his contacts will drive the relief supplies into the most needed areas. It’s a dangerous mission but Abdul Qadir is now a veteran, “We take food, medicine and medical supplies like crutches, wheelchairs, etc anything that is needed that can help to save lives or make life for our brothers and sisters bearable.”

MAB asked Abdul Qadir what he felt about reports that British Citizen were going to fight in Syria, “There is absolutely no need for people to go over and fight, the opposition are not appealing for men to help them.” Qadir says he agrees with the latest comments of the Archbishop of Canterbury that there appears to be some ‘hysteria’ about a small number of people going to Syria.

“I agree with the Archbishop, 100%, the number going over are small and the number of people likely to come back to Britain and cause trouble here is less than that – close to 0%.”

Abdul Qadir believes the best way to help Syrians is to continue to send aid and support to help the people living in the affected areas. He had a clear message to any considering making the journey for what he called “the wrong reasons.”  

“My message is clear. Allah has told the Muslims to make jihad and that does not just mean in this case fighting on the ground. We can do so much by continuing to give donations and spending our wealth for the sake of Allah. Going to fight is going to do more harm than good. Giving generously and supporting our Brother and Sisters is the most effective way to make that jihad.”