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Blair Muslim Witch Project


By Ameena Blake

Muslims seemingly are the new enemy of the state. In the 1980’s it was Russia with films like “Threads” which as a young child made me look out at the evening sky and wonder when the nuclear bomb was going to hit. It never did, of course.


According to the 2011 official statistics, there are over 2.7 million Muslims living in the UK and the figure is increasing. The vast majority of us are law abiding and dedicated citizens who just want what every British citizen wants; for Britain to grow and thrive as a peaceful and happy place.

So why are many of us feeling like we are constantly walking on eggshells as a marginalized and feared group?

Let’s be clear… this is not as a result of the British public; who have been and remain open minded and hearted to diversity – NO – this is due to a tiny minority of extremists – the bigoted political views of individuals like Blair; who - let’s face it - has more blood on their hands than most people in the world, and the ridiculous and unacceptable behavior of those who commit heinous crimes in the name of Islam and indeed other faiths and ideologies to fit their own sick agendas.

Seumas Milne, in his article in the Guardian, really hits it home when he says the effects of this ridiculousness will ‘be with us for many years to come.’

It is ironic to a high level that these individuals on both sides; extremist Muslims and extremist neocons, like Blair, seem to be aiming to single handedly destroy the peaceful fabric of British society. It doesn’t help by labeling Muslims who help in running schools in Birmingham as “terrorist advocators”. Or women who choose to wear the niqab as “security threats”. Or halal meat eaters as “barbaric” (even though many animals in the UK abattoirs are treated disgustingly cruelly). Or indeed to use the BBC license payers’ money to launch a political campaign against a Muslim Mayor, just before election time. They are gradually moving towards labeling peace promoting Muslim organizations, who have been working against terrorism and radicalization; trying to build bridges for many years as ‘fundamentalists’ and ‘Islamists’ (whatever these terms now mean as they seem to have very changeable definitions). It is staggering.

What is next we wonder? – If a Muslim goes to the Mosque to pray they are a radical? The demonization is seemingly on every level. Ironically, as top politicians back a military coup in Egypt; we seem to be going down the same route as the totalitarian dictatorship of Egypt and its anti-democracy supporting allies.

Ironically, when we hear the PM describe how he has known “our faith-based organisations play a fundamental role in our society”; and that he requests that “we should also be ambitious in supporting faith-based organisations to do even more”.

What the supporters of this unjustified scaremongering do not seem to realize or maybe even care about in their agenda is that without the voice of true peaceful and moderate Islam from organisations like MAB being spread to all types of communities in the UK and beyond, things could get a lot worse. We will be left with ignorance and radical Muslims who will, as the only voice left, have free rein to manipulate and create havoc – it is OUR organisations and individuals and others like it, that are currently keeping this at bay through education about the true moderate Islam.

Islam and Muslims are a part of British society. We just need to make sure that this remains the right and peaceful type of Islam to secure generations to come.

The time has come for the British public; whatever our faith or no faith, to speak out and put an end to this dangerous political game that Blair – and his likes - are, wittingly or not playing and halt the damage it is doing to the core of our beloved society and the values that we hold dear.

For years many British Muslim organizations such as MAB have been trying to engage and have dialogue with other bodies such as the government to help in this process, but instead Blair and his cronies are sidelining our voices and turning to no other than Saudi Arabia, who don’t even give women the respect and dignity to drive and force many to cover their faces and have an appalling human rights record, and their bedmates the Egyptian Military who are currently and have been for many decades, torturing and killing their own people because they simply can’t stomach what democracy would bring as an alternative.

There is something very wrong with this picture. I often wonder, how many young children like myself in the 1980’s are looking across at Muslims and mosques, terrified of what will come out of there.