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Gaza the numbers so far

Israeli Agression on the Gaza Strip

Posted On - 25/08/2014 at

Israeli onslaught on Gaza since 7th July 2014 has caused so far the following:
2095 dead ( including 472 children, 345 mothers, 88 elderly, 11 UN aid workers, 14 journalists. 9 firemen, police chief constable etc....)
10522 injured (3000 children, 102 medical staff 
60000 people homeless
100000 fully or partially destroyed houses
9 hospitals damaged
167 mosques destroyed
161 schools (including 49 UNRWA schools)
300000 displaced and refugees 
500000 people affected directly
250000 children no schools (new school year to start in September) to go to as they are used as refugees accommodation
170 factories destroyed
36 ambulances hit
Main Electrical Power generator destroyed
Fuel  stores destroyed and burnt
Water Desalination station destroyed (providing 200000 people with clean water)
Farms & Agriculture land bombed
TV satellite station hit
The amount of explosives dropped on Gaza has reached so far 20000 tones i.e. equivalent to 6 atomic bombs (each equivalent to Hiroshima Atomic Bomb)
Acute food, water and medicine shortage
Great number of seriously injured who needs to be transferred to outside 
The estimated amount of damage caused without the human lives is estimated to 6 billions dollars.
64  soldiers dead ( the number may be greater than this especially during the failed military ground invasion attempt)
1 child
4 Civilians
Spending almost 60 Millions a day on its military attack on Gaza
3 billions dollars loss so far
Bengurion Airport  shut to air traffic
Boycott Divest Sanctions of Israel is having effect on its economy as well as on those companies who are financially supporting it.
Israel received 223 millions dollars of military Aid from USA.
Global Support for the Palestinians to:
End the occupation
End The siege of Gaza
Open Gaza airport 
Open Gaza seaport
Open the Rafah crossing for Humanitarian Aid and transfer of injured people
Boycott Israeli Goods, Boycott Divestment Sanctions against Israel
Stop Arm sale to Israel
Freeing the Palestinian prisoners including 8000 children in the Israeli prisons
Right of return to the Palestinian refugees
Crimes against humanity and war crimes to be brought against Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו, his cabinet and military commands in the International Criminal Court. 
Isolation of Israel in UN and in the world.
Of course the continuous demonstrations, marches and protests of the civil society, NGO organisations ( including charity organisations) and individuals through the social media which has made the difference against Israeli and World Zionist organisations propaganda war.
We do not forget the opposition inside Israel to the right wing extremist present government,its policies and actions.
Humanity stands with the Palestinians' right to live free on their land.