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Media Training Day

Media Training for MAB

Posted On - 23/03/2013 at 10:30





In association with MAB, Engage organised a Media Master class on 23/3/2013 in MAB Office, located in North Wembley. The course covered a number of topics to include:



•  The Reach and influence of the Media

•  Muslims and the Media

•  Regulating and Challenging Media Output

•  Media engagement

Those who attended were highly impressed with the material delivered; and the extent of the information received.

Those who attended received a certificate of attendance.

MAB will be working with engage in the future to deliver further courses.

Some comments on the course, from those who attended:

"The training was exceptional and very informative, I learn a lot of insight information about the media especially the press."

"It is already common knowledge that the media plays a large role adding the fuel to the fire in terms of the image of muslims, and that there were singular individuals running them all, however now after this media course I think that nearly everyone present in that room walked away with the knowledge that now anybody can make a difference, if they posses the correct tools which the training had handed us."

"A wonderfully organised half-day course hosted by the Muslim Association of Britain and delivered by ENGAGE that I am glad to have attended. It was a day full of insight. The distinguished speakers shed light into the role of media, whether it be in the form of print, online or broadcast and their portrayal of certain minorities like Islam and Muslims. It was an empowering course that certainly taught me how to get my voice heard."

"I had already knew that the image of Muslims in the media was not so great, however with the media program I had realised that there is so much you can do, and how actually understanding the complaints system can make a large impact in the way the media operate. I would also like to thank the MAB for handing us this opportunity."

"The Media Course was very informative and extremely useful, in light of the current affairs. It was nice to have this event in a friendly environment, and the facilitators imparted their quality knowledge   about the Media and tackling misconceptions. Looking forward to the next workshop and event."