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North London Ashbal Camp

North London Ashbal Camp

Posted On - 01/04/2013 at 18:00

The Muslim Association of Britain - North London Branch organised 2 camps in the recent school break that happened between 1st and 4th April 2013.

The first camp was for boys aged between 8 and 15 years, and we successfully had 60 participants. The second one was for girls, in the same age range. There were 42 participants.

The youth gathered at Nadi Park Royal, where there was two buses waiting for the youth. The 4 day camp took place at Thriftwood scouts campsite, starting on Monday afternoon and ending on the Thursday.

The Slogan or Banner of the Camp Was “Muslim Manners”.

For each day, there was a strict program that had to be followed. The day started at 5:30am by praying morning prayers together in the main hall. After we finished the prayers, we had the morning remembrance prayers. This was followed by recitation of the Qur’an for half an hour.

To wake the attendees, this was followed by a one hour morning exercise, followed by breakfast.

After breakfast, that’s when the fun begins. There were many activities which included rafting, climbing, rifle shooting, Cresta Run, Inflata-Bull, and many other games from the camp site. In addition, the program consisted of lectures, workshops, Prayers, and group activities. After each prayer, we had a small 10 minute reminder.

We also had lecturers for the boys come in such as Dr Omer El-Hamdoon and Sheikh Abdur Rahman Helbawy. We were also accompanied by the Head of Nadi Park Royal: Mr Khalid Omar; who participated by delivering 3 workshops to the youth based on the camp theme of “Muslim Manners”.

Those who spoke to the girls included Sheikh Abdur Rahman Helbawy, Um Abdallah Al-Zeer and Lana Al-Sumaiday. The lecturers gave speeches about Muslim Manners in School, On the Road and at Home, as well as giving the young girls workshops.

In our camps, we try and leave messages in the minds of the youth; so that they can use what they learnt in the camp, after they leave the camp. In this camp, there was emphasis that the youth need to understand that their behaviour affects others; and that they have to be positive part of the society they live in.

Both camps were totally segregated, even though they happened at the same time, and in the same place.