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Open Season on Halal

Halal Open Season issue

By Omer El-Hamdoon

It is open hunting season on the Muslims here in Britain.
As with all hunts, you need a few essential ingredients. You need hunters, equipped with trumpeting horns. [Blazing] Guns are an optional extra. And let us not forget the dogs. The horn is sounded, and off we go.

Ever since, foxhunting was banned here in the UK, there has been an appetite for finding a new "fox". What better alternative than "the Muslim" Aka "the Islamist". After all, no one loves a fox. They are evil, wicked, and dirty and let's face it: pests.

The hunt horns on the Islamist fox have long been sounded. Recently, more and more hunters have taking up this "sport" and the pitch of the horn is getting louder.

The most recent horn to be sounded is that of the 'Halal Meat' issue.
Britain's leading vet sounds his horn; and the dogs are unleased. Saliva dribbling, there is no time to even swallow.

To win over the innocent bystanders who have yet to make up their minds on the lawfulness of the hunt, there needs to be justification. So, begins the sounding of "inhumane", "cruel" and "evil" horns. What's the alternative? Well stunning, of course. Nothing less painless than a few hundred volts through the brain.

After all, the halal method of using a sharp knife, not showing the animal the knife, keeping each animal separate cannot be humane when compared to being plugged in to a live electric socket!
In addition, while we are at it, let's hang all the animals by their legs, as a group. Let’s force them to witness their peers being drowned in electrified water, one by one, as they "painlessly" await their turn. Nothing like counting the minutes, on death row.

The Muslim Council of Britain, among others have called for proper labelling for ALL meats, and why not (

As Mr Clegg rightly pointed out that we live in an era of detailed food labelling. Everyone should know exactly what he or she is stuffing down his or her gullet. So, in addition to "Halal" and "Kosher" labels, can we please have "Strangled Meat", "Drowned", "Suffocated", "Electrocuted" and “Clubbed round the head” meat labels. After all, the public has a right to know that humane process that has brought the meat to store shelf; and if the meat they are consuming has had 10,000 volts passed through it or not. 

Whilst the dogs have been let loose on the halal meat issue, it's ironic to note that Subway and Pizza Express have both expressed that their halal meat is the stunned version, anyway. Which after all is the more "humane" way for an animal to witness its end. So, why all the fuss? Answer: we need a fox.

And in case you're in doubt of the open hunting session, then the BBC want to remind us, albeit subtly, that those who demand halal meat are of the same faction who have kidnapped near to 300 girls in Nigeria.

Subliminal? No, the sound of the horns is all too deafening.