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Rights about Stop

Session for the Youth on Stop and Search

Posted On - 12/04/2013 at 14:00

Finsbury Park Mosque organized a session on “Rights about Stop & Search” in partnership with Muslim Welfare House and City YMCA on Friday 12/4/2013 at the conference hall.

More than 50 young men from the local community attended the session and interacted with the youth worker from YMCA who led the session. They discussed the youth rights in case they get stopped by the police and the dispersal zone in the Andover & six acres estate.


The discussion included issues with policing and safety in general & ASB in particular in the Islington area. The youth showed their interest in such event and asked to be repeated from time to time to cover different issues related to the youth.


One of the youth commented: “It is an opportunity for us to share our experiences and concerns regarding Stop & Search and other issues related to us”.