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Syria Demo 16-03-2013

Posted On - 16/03/2013 at 12:00


Start point: Syrian Assembly: 8 Belgrave Square, London SW1 8PH
End point: 10 Downing street
The publicity about this Syrian March have been advertise throughout the social network to include facebook, twitter, websites in addition to the distribution of leaflets and posters.

Over one thousand people came to the roads of London to show their solidarity with the Syrian Revolution; to include Scotland, West and South Yorkshire, East and West Midlands, Wales and others. Everyone was full of enthusiasm to show their solidarity and support with our brothers and sisters in Syria. The assembly point was in front of the Syrian embassy and many people were already there. The crowd started gathering branding the Syrian flag and different placards and banners with different messages of condemnation of the bloody regime of Al Assad. The crowd included a lot of young protestors (including children) and strong participation from women from different backgrounds and nationalities.
Around 12.30, the crowd started chanting slogans in English and Arabic and the whole crowd responded by repeating those slogans.
The chanting included some popular Syrian revolution songs that showed support to the Syrian people as well as the Free Syrian Army in their struggle against the murderous killing machine of the Assad regime. The slogan and shouting were also condemning the inaction the whole world, the UN and countries such as Russia and Iran and Hizb-Ullah party from Lebanon (which support the Assad regime).
The march started and the whole crowd marched towards 10 Downing Street. It took almost 2 hours to reach the destination. Throughout the march all people participated in shouting and exposing the Assad bloody regime. Women and children were taking part in the march in support of the Syrian children and women. The participants reached the platform which was put up across the road from 10 Downing Street. Then Speakers (Men & Women) from different organisations such as the Syrian National Council, The Syrian Solidarity group, the international criminal court, Muslim Association of Britain (Dr Omer El-Hamdoon President and Ameena Blake, Vice President) in addition to speakers from Lebanon and Palestine. The Programme included some Arabic poetry in support of the Syrian revolution.

You can hear the poetry here:

Finally, the demonstrators handed a petition to the office of the Prime Minister David Cameron summarising the demands as well as the expected proper actions from our government.  The whole march went very well without any incident. It is worth showing our thanks and gratitude to the police for escorting the whole demonstrators through the busy London roads.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the world politics is contributing directly and indirectly to the loss of lives of innocent Syrians on a daily basis and it is now that we should act to stop the genocide happening in Syria.