When Britain and the United States of America invaded Iraq in 2003, the Muslim Association of Britain, along with its partners in the British anti-war movement, was clear that this was a gross crime based on a lie.

Fifteen years on, and Iraq remains a failed state suffering from lack of security, political instability and economic hardship, with its 30 million population continuing to endure sectarianism, terrorism, displacement and lack of basic amenities.

It was with the invasion of Iraq that the likes of Al-Qaeda, Shi’a sectarian militias, and then ISIS, found a footing where they previous had none, bringing untold suffering to the entire region. It was also with the invasion and occupation of Iraq that the worst types of politicians – those loyal to Western corporations and governments, rather than their own people – came to rule Iraq, hence draining its immense riches and scuppering hundreds of billions of dollars in the process.

It remains a point of contention that whilst the Chilcot Report of June 2016 was damning of the British government’s decision to join the US in invading Iraq, and was severely critical of the then Prime Minister’s actions, no one has been held responsible nor accountable for their role in the decision to take Britain into war.

Anas Altikriti, MAB President stated: “The role of our own government in creating the Iraqi catastrophe is a matter of historical fact which future generations of Iraqis will never forget. Tony Blair and the British Parliament of the time might claim that they took the right decision, but an analysis of what we soon came to know as the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction lie’, and a brief look at Iraq today, would reject such a claim.”

The thoughts and prayers of the Muslim Association of Britain today are with the millions of Iraqis who have been killed, who have died, been tortured, unjustly imprisoned, targeted by inhumane policies and extra- judicial practices, orphaned, widowed, displaced as refugees and suffered in any form, directly or indirectly as a result of the invasion and occupation.

Let never again such a crime be allowed to pass.


Muslim Association of Britain

20th March 2018


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