Last Thursday, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) called for the Conservative party to launch an urgent inquiry into Islamophobia within its ranks, highlighting ten Islamophobic incidents among Conservative councillors, MPs and prospective candidates that took place within a two-month period.

The Muslim Association of Britain supports the calls made by the MCB and urges the Conservative Party to act quickly and firmly to reassure all Muslim citizens that their rights are fully protected.

The comments of Home Secretary Sajid Javid, who chose to ignore the grievous incidents reported and to dismiss the concerns of a sizeable group such as the MCB are extremely disappointing. Instead of focusing on the issues at hand, Javid decided to attack the credibility of the MCB – an umbrella organisation that represents more than 500 mosques, schools and associations throughout the country. For the Home Secretary to use the tired and immature tactic of shooting the messenger is problematic to say the least.

The government risks appearing more intent on political scoring than truly protecting the public’s interest with its lacklustre approach to dealing with its own problems while eagerly pointing fingers at others for similarly problematic tendencies.

Ragad Altikriti, speaking on behalf of MAB today stated: “No sector of society – least of all the governing party – can be seen to tolerate any form of discrimination, be it anti-Semitism, homophobia, gender discrimination or Islamophobia.” She added: “With Baroness Sayeda Warsi’s well-known concerns regarding normalised Islamophobia amongst the Conservatives seemingly totally ignored, it is unacceptable for the Prime Minister to allow her government to appear as though it tolerates discrimination against Muslims.”


Muslim Association of Britain
3rd June 2018