Our History


Tens of Muslim activists come together to establish a community grassroots organisation; and the Muslims Association of Britain (MAB) is born.


1) 500,000 demonstration against war in Iraq and call for Freedom for Palestine on the eve of the Labour Party conference on the 22nd of September.

2) MAB organised a 200,000 strong demonstration against the Israeli massacre in Jenin in April.


Historical ‘Two Million Person March’ described as the biggest demonstration in recent history that brought thousands of people to voice their opposition to military action against Iraq.


1) MAB convened an international conference that brought together international scholars and London’s Mayor at the time: Ken Livingstone.

2) Along with the Muslim Women Society, MAB established the PRO-HIJAB organisation in response to the banning of the veil in France.


In February, MAB was called in to help solve the problem of Finsbury Park Mosque, which was under the grasp of extremists.


1) Along with three other national organisations, MAB establishes the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB)

2) MAB organised a demonstration against the Danish cartoons in collaboration with 15 other organisations in February.


1) During Ramadan, MAB organises its 1st National Quran Competition.

2) MAB holds its largest National Conference held in December under the title: “Creating Hope”.


1) MAB celebrates its 15th anniversary at Kensington Town Hall.

2) National Quran Conference, held in Leicester.


MAB holds its 1st Ramadan e-Quiz. Winner: Hajar From London.


1) MAB holds its 2nd Ramadan e-Quiz. Winner: Mustafa from Bradford, who went on Hajj same year.

2) MAB launches its new training and development programme: REVIVE.


1) Conference: Muslims and Brexit: What Next?

2) 3rd Ramadan e-Quiz along with Poetry and Art Competition

3) National Convention: Best of British Muslims


1) MAB celebrates in 20th Anniversary

1) National Convention: My Faith…My Inspiration