Over the past 17 years the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) has been successful in bringing together British Muslims from diverse backgrounds to work towards common objectives and proactively participate in British society. MAB has also been at the forefront of engaging with the wider community and was particularly instrumental in working with members of the anti-war movement, civic society and human rights organisations to help raise awareness of important issues across the world. MAB provided a broad platform whereby the voices of British people could be heard and served as a stepping stone for ordinary people to make positive contributions. Alongside these activities, MAB has provided opportunities for tarbiyah (education) and networking, which has been especially beneficial for those Muslims living in some of the smaller communities around the UK.

Omar, 34, London

The fact that there is an association of Muslims is really inspiring, I have seen the ratio of Muslims increasing annually in Britain and if that will point out on something, it will only lead on how the MAB is working hard through this; even we truly know how hard it is out there for them.

Ahmed, Aged 25, Makkah

MAB encourages Muslims to vote, raising awareness that Muslims make up over 10% of the local population in 40 political seats, and that their voice can be heard. It helps the Muslim community to be steadfast in their beliefs but also integrate with British society in general, raising awareness on how Muslims can stand up for their rights whilst integrating productively in the community. It has always opposed extremism, shown when it took control of Finsbury Park Mosque and expelled followers of the extremist cleric Abu Hamza.

Hamza, 24, Manchester

MAB has become a platform where strong Muslim individuals can unite. It also has built a strong Muslim community through educational, social, spiritual and political programs. It has become a strong voice for British Muslims. They contributed positively in so many ways, most notable was the managing of the Finsbury Park mosque and eliminating the extremist elements that were found inside the mosque.

Salma, Aged 23, London

MAB is a unique organisation. It participates actively in the British community. It plays an important role in many aspects,  social, educational, cultural, spiritual, politics and sports. It has a positive effect in British community particularly Muslim ones with its modest attitude. Also it has an important role in raising up the children in the Islamic way.

Sameh, Aged 53, London

The Muslim Association of Britain doesn’t just take care of the religious needs of the Muslims, but also is actively involved in the Muslim community. Whether that is through issuing official letters to the authorities regarding current issues such as Trojan horse, or through writing articles about present issues such as Islamophobia to educate the community or through organising demonstrations against the Israeli massacre in Palestine. On a community level it also holds weekly circles of religious classes for the Muslim community.

Ayesha, Aged 23, Birmingham

Apart from being a voice in Stop War – MAB also reflected views and demands of a community to step into difficult vacuum at Finsbury Park Mosque. MAB’s leader responded to a mosque in Ramadan that had long been requesting that MAB respect a more local organisational structure and, in sha Allah, MAB responded to reflect those views and demands to establish a stronger more local structure to ensure continuity.

Qasim, Aged 36, Leeds

MAB has organised events, celebrations, Quran competitions and other competitions, camps etc which help to engage the Muslim youth and actively work towards focusing their direction of interest productively and healthily. This is vital in ensuring a healthy community future for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Regular articles from MAB have assisted and clarified seemingly complicated political situations for Muslims, and help us to understand out position and find our true identity in the UK. MAB has opposed hate and engaged with the non Muslim communities heavily, in an effort to portray the true nature of Islam and help Muslims find their place.

Hamza, Aged 24, Manchester

They try with effort to represent Islam in a good way and help Muslims to be and to stay as proper Muslims, who participate in social life.

Marwan, 34 years, Sheffield

MAB has offered a lot to the British society and continues to do so with endless potential. MAB targets both young and old of the society and enjoins with many press releases (The call for the British government to end the killing in Gaza), events, youth scout camps, protests (Gaza 07/14, Syria & more), conferences (hate – crime conference 04/13 +), quizzes and educates its people about related articles (e.g the stabbing of the Muslim woman in the UK). MAB progressively delivers outstanding opportunities and will continue to expand and educate Muslims in the UK in order to be of the best character which allows us to interact and set a good light of Muslims to the British society insha’Allah.

Hajar, Aged 19, London

MAB protects the interest of Muslims and fights for our rights. MAB fights for equality and justice, not only for Muslims in UK, but also stands up for our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world.

Nor, aged 24, Edinburgh

MAB have contributed to British society, by being the voice of the British Muslims.The have done this through engaging with the relevant bodies in adressing issues which affect Muslims and the wider society I.e crime, drugs, violence. It further encourages Muslims to take an active role in British society. It’s ethos seems to maintain, promote and defend our Islamic identity while embracing , working, participating in the British society. Jazak Allahu khayran

Vivienne, Aged 43, Birmingham

MAB works to build and sustain hope by encouraging Muslims to participate proactively in the British Society, to make the most of the many legitimate avenues available and to function positively to become fruitful citizens of the UK.

Mus’ab, Aged 28, Coventry