Late Tuesday night, a car was reported to have hit a group of worshipers outside the Hussaini Association in Cricklewood in North London, injuring a number of individuals, before fleeing the scene. From reports and eyewitness testimonies confirming Islamophobic insults and slurs by the passengers of the suspected vehicle, there is a strong possibility that this was a hate crime targeting the Muslim community.

Anas Altikriti, President of MAB stated this morning: “MAB’s thoughts, prayers and support are with the victims of this terrible incident, and we look forward to the police making swift arrests of the perpetrators.

He added: “Whilst this is not the time for political point-scoring, it is imperative that the government and all responsible authorities acknowledge the seriousness of Islamophobic crimes as well as the link between them and Islamophobic narratives within the media, politics and various other mainstream circles.”


Muslim Association of Britain
Wednesday, 19th of September