With weather warnings being issued by the Met Office across the country, the Muslim Association of Britain joins the nation in expressing its dismay over the rising numbers of elderly people living in poverty, the homeless and those sleeping rough.

In what has been described as a national crisis, figures show that almost one in every 200 people in the UK is deemed homeless, including children and infirm, while over 5,000 are reported to be sleeping rough as temperatures plummet to sub-zero levels across the country. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of elderly people are having to choose between either keeping warm or eating.

President of MAB, Anas Altikriti stated today that “these statistics clearly indicate a crisis which demands the government’s immediate and utmost attention”. He added: “It is simply unacceptable that our country, which is considered amongst the richest in the world, and host to dozens of billionaires and hundreds of millionaires, has a single person who has to sleep on the streets in freezing temperatures, or a single senior citizen who can’t afford to switch on a heater.”

MAB, appreciating that this crisis can only be met with a collective effort from all sides, calls on the Muslim community throughout the country to keep an eye out for those who are vulnerable either on the streets or within our neighbourhoods.

Altikriti addressed the leaders of the Muslim community stating: “If it’s at all possible to open the doors of our mosques, schools and community centres during the coldest of nights, to offer shelter and safety to the homeless and provide food and warmth to those in need, then that is precisely what those establishments are there for.”


Muslim Association of Britain
27th February 2018