As the Bahrain Workshop closes to the expected failed outcome, the Muslim Association of Britain reiterates that no political or economic deal whatsoever could or should be allowed to supersede legal and humanitarian rights.

The Muslim Association of Britain reiterates its stand that the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ is an immoral venture sponsored by a collective of immoral actors, and any outcomes of any of its phases must be rejected outright.

The unified stand of the Palestinian people in rejecting this project was telling and indeed proved the fatal blow, with a handful of unknown ‘businessmen’ making a pathetic showing, for which all Palestinians stood as one in denouncing unreservedly.

Anas Altikriti, President of MAB stated: “The entire exercise, which began as a summit, then demoted to a conference and finally condemned to a mere workshop, was no more than an ugly marketing exercise which attempted to make a rotten sale.” He added: “The spectacle of Jared Kushner presiding over what appeared to be an auctioning event, trying to put a value on the homes, lands, rights and dreams of the Palestinian people, was truly disgusting.”

MAB will continue to stand by and support the only moral outcome to the conflict of our time; the rejection of occupation and the support for the liberation of Palestine and the Palestinian people. The only deal that ought to be promoted by those who still subscribe to the principles of international law, justice, freedom and human rights, is the deal which guarantees the full, complete and unnegotiable rights of the Palestinians.

Muslim Association of Britain
28th June 2019


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