The explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday, has caused utter devastation throughout this important metropolis, rendering hundreds dead, thousands wounded and hundreds of thousands homeless.

As the investigation into the causes for the explosions continues, it is crucial that countries and nations across the world commit to assisting the people of Lebanon, who were already suffering considerable economic and political crises, compounded by the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown. In all likelihood, Lebanon faces years if not decades of struggle to overcome this shock.

The Muslim Association of Britain is horrified by the news and pictures of the devastation suffered by the people of Lebanon, and announces that it has already contacted a number of UK charities who have teams on the ground and at the ready to provide urgent aid.

Our, and the British Muslim community’s heartfelt condolences, prayers, sympathies and solidarity go to our Lebanese brothers and sisters in these tragically difficult times.