Islamic Education

Today there are about 25,000 schools in England teaching around 8 million children, comprising mainly of government-maintained primary, maintained secondary, independent, special need  and other schools. 500,000 of these children are Muslims, representing 27% of British Muslims.  The majority of these schools have no religious character (called community schools), maintained schools  and independent schools are faith [...]

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The History of Islam and Britain

Islam and Britain has a long history that stretches back to the medieval period [1], only within 150 years after the death of Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him). In times of colonial expansion and more exposure to different faiths and cultures, Islam began spreading with a number of Victorian and Edwardian converts [...]

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Muslims in UK Politics

Muslims in Britain have participated in many political processes - from the activist grassroots levels to higher political ones. This section begins with Muslim MP's and moves on to mention journalists, campaigners, community leaders who have all left their 'political fingerprints' in society and contributed positively across the UK. Members of Parliament The 2017 UK [...]

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Muslims in Interfaith Work

Most interfaith organisations are registered as members at the Inter Faith Network (for the United Kingdom). On their ‘about us’ section; they have grown from 60 founding members in 1987 to more than hundreds. The list of interfaith organisations can be found here. Its mission, vision and values can be read here. Muslims in Britain [...]

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Muslims in Academia

Muslims have an excellent academic record, with many well-known Doctors and Professors. Due to the scope of this project; only a few will be mentioned, in different academic fields. According to an infograph from the Muslim Council of Britain; in 2011, 24% of the Muslim population (of age 16 and above) have a degree level [...]

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Muslims in the Media

There are many notable Muslim journalists in the UK. It is a hard profession to get into but some are very well-known such as: Mehdi Hasan is graduate of Oxford University and a journalist with Indian roots; a senior politics editor at the New Statesman and a former news and current affairs editor at Channel [...]

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Muslims as Scientists and in the Health Profession

As Muslims have physical and psychological needs (eating, feeling loved and so forth) like all people, they may also have spiritual needs to connect and please God. In times of difficulty, health professionals can support with improving both physical and mental health; it is only recently that spiritual needs have been taken into more consideration [...]

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Muslims in Law

Muslims are generally taught many ‘laws’ since childhood – guidelines set by God. Those ‘laws’ are often ethical reminders to guide people in their daily conduct. Muslims in Britain work, marry, take care of their parents and children and confront death and tough questions in life by resorting to particular rules in Sharia. As one [...]

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