Celebrating 20 years of Contribution

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MAB / FPM Community Iftar

June 22nd, 2016|Comments Off on MAB / FPM Community Iftar

Ashbal Leaders Camp 2012

This is a series of Photos for the Leadership Camp held in May 2012. More photos can be found on www.flickr.com.

March 6th, 2016|Comments Off on Ashbal Leaders Camp 2012

Quran Competition

August 22nd, 2015|Comments Off on Quran Competition

MAB Ashbal Camp 2011

Here you can view the photos of the MAB Ashbal Camp. To see more photos, please visit www.flickr.com and search for MABonline.

August 21st, 2015|Comments Off on MAB Ashbal Camp 2011

Dawah in the Park

MAB organised Dawah Training weekend titled: "Dawah in the Park".

August 21st, 2014|Comments Off on Dawah in the Park

MAB Camp 2013 Venue

Here are some stunning pictures of the venue for the upcoming MAB Camp 2013, set in the Welsh countryside.

August 21st, 2014|Comments Off on MAB Camp 2013 Venue

Hajj Leaflet

This is the leaflet of the virtues of the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah. It is a virtuous time; and we should make use of it as much as possible.

August 21st, 2014|Comments Off on Hajj Leaflet