Since the emergence of reports confirming the crimes being carried out by Chinese authorities against the Uighur Muslim population, the Muslim Association of Britain has been calling on our government to take a firm and unequivocal stand against China.

The BBC has reported that Uighur Muslim children, as young as 2 years old, are being abducted and subject to brainwashing and organ harvesting by the Chinese Communist party’s social engineering “strike hard” campaign. Despite its claims, China’s treatment of Uighurs isn’t counterterrorism; it’s oppression and repression of the most despicable type.

It is only right that the British government demands the Chinese government immediately releases all the children held in orphanages in Xinjiang province, along with their parents who have been arbitrarily detained.

China’s continued persecution of all faiths, in an effort to “sinicise” religious belief, is an attempt not only to diminish and erase the independent practice of religion, but also the cultural and linguistic heritage of religious and ethnic communities, particularly Tibetan Buddhists and Uighur Muslims. This must be addressed as cultural and religious genocide.

Dr Abdul Aziz, speaking on behalf of MAB stated: “It is clear that China is aiming to produce a new Uighur generation which is completely assimilated, atheist, communist and Han-speaking like the majority Han Chinese society. As a teacher myself, I recognise how dangerous, but also how ultimately futile these attempts are.” He added: “what is taking place under the world’s gaze is nothing less than a 21st century holocaust and constitutes an existential threat to the values of democracy, rule of law, freedoms and tolerance.”

Muslim Association of Britain
8th July, 2019


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