The Muslim Association of Britain would like to – once again – reiterate its call for more inclusive and open politics moving forward in the wake of the general election results.

Earlier in the year, MAB flagged its concern at the threat posed to society as far right narratives and politics have taken centre stage and racist and divisive trends became part of the decision-making processes in many countries. Religious hate crimes are sharply up across the UK, with more than half of those targeting Muslims. Last year alone, hundreds of mosques, Islamic and community centres were attacked in one demonstration of how racism, hate and bigotry appear to have become the norm and tolerated in society.

The Conservative Party has a responsibility towards its citizens to reassure them that dog-whistle politics and racism will not be tolerated.

Conservative Party figures have warned for years now, against the rise of a clearly Islamophobic narrative, described by some as institutional, amid seemingly intentional disregard for the gross impact this has on the party itself, its relationship with the Muslim community, as well as on British Muslims who continue to bear the brunt of rising bigotry, racism and xenophobia.

We call once again, on the Conservative Party to acknowledge its Islamophobia problem and demonstrate it is serious about tackling the rise of this repugnant form of racism on every single level. If Boris Johnson has any interest in allaying fears and healing the community in the wake of his and his party’s divisive comments, a comprehensive and independent investigation must be conducted throughout the party’s ranks, with findings and subsequent recommendations made public.

The party must demonstrate its commitment that Islamophobia is as despicable as any other form of prejudice and discrimination, and to reassure all Muslim citizens that their rights are fully protected.

The Muslim Association of Britain remains committed to serving our community and wider society, and invites the government to reach out to minority groups and to work with us and other community and grassroots organisations to better find solutions.


Muslim Association of Britain
15th December 2019


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