As PM Boris Johnson announced that schools will shut their doors and school children will be kept at home, parents sighed in relief for the safeguarding measures taken to protect their children. However, many parents who have difficult children, unruly teenagers or children with special needs will be struggling during this isolation period.

It is important to remember those who are tested in different ways, and to pray for their strength and well-being during these times, which can be lonely and daunting. Indeed, these parents are very likely to be pushed to their limits, searching for strategies to deal with their children for these prolonged periods and under such circumstances, impacting them heavily. Moreover, relief time which parents of children with special needs received during school hours will now be taken away, leaving them as sole full-time carers.

At times like these, we must look out for our community and extend our support to those who need it. Our words can be immensely uplifting for such parents in such difficult, and often lonely, times. Together, as a community, we can make this period easier to endure by having our families, friends and the community beside us.

May Allah protect all parents and their children and keep them safe and out of harm’s way.
May He bless and guide our children to what benefits them. May He follow this difficulty with ease.


Muslim Association of Britain

19th March 2020