It is imperative to understand that the rituals a Muslim performs are prescribed to sustain one’s meaningful life and strengthen the relationship with one’s Lord. However, if the system through which the rituals are delivered become a threat to the sacred soul it nourishes, then the system must be halted, and protection of the worshipper becomes the obligation.

Many felt a sense of loss waking up on a Friday where mosques had announced that the obligatory Friday prayers would not be held, due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the risk of its spread amongst worshippers. However, it is essential to also acknowledge Allah’s mercy which allowed for obligations to be paused to avoid any potential harm.

This strengthens our faith that Islam is for the betterment of mankind and its protection during both easy and difficult times. In Islam, souls can be rest assured that Allah’s Law is in place to sustain and protect us, and not to cause suffering. This is a time when we return and repent to Allah Almighty and truly show gratitude for the allowances in our faith which are meant to bring peace and ease to our souls.

It is indeed soothing for yearning hearts to realise that Allah loves for His worshipers to take his permissions and allowances at times of difficulties.


Muslim Association of Britain

20th March 2020