Nothing in Islamic scriptures or teachings leads to terrorism or suicide bombings, nor has it ever been part of the ethos of Islam’s 1400 years of history and traditions. This is a modern day aberration that, according to Time magazine, was first adopted as a strategy in the Middle East by George Habash (an atheist), with the first hijacking committed by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in 1968. That fact that Muslims follow his tactics does not make his purely secular strategy an Islamic one.

Firstly, suicide is strongly prohibited in Islam because no one has the right to take away the life that God has given, except God Himself. Secondly, committing terrorist acts, which kill innocent civilians, is also prohibited. Even during war, it is prohibited to target civilians, particularly women, children, old people, and members of the clergy. Islam also forbids cutting down trees, killing animals, and destroying infrastructure. Islamic teachings about war are similar to the Christian concept of a “Just War,” which is fought in self-defense or on behalf of the oppressed, not as an act of aggression. Such a conflict must similarly be fought between two groups of military personnel, not with civilians.

Terrorism is totally condemned by all mainstream Islamic scholars. Those who do endorse terrorism either have no Islamic credentials or legitimate standing among the masses. Their doctrines represent individual views that have been adopted by other disaffected, uneducated, or mis-educated people as regards to their religion.