The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) deplores, in no uncertain terms, the outrageous attack launched against a substantial portion of the Muslim charitable sector in a report published by the Henry Jackson Society (HJS).

While those with the time and inclination to read through the 170+ page report will note the frivolity, superficiality and foolishness the report demonstrates throughout, the attack itself is outrageous because of its publisher.

HJS, a charity itself, which came under attack in Parliament for refusing to disclose its donors, seems to be entirely dedicated to churning out anti-Muslim material and political propaganda dressed as research. That the HJS sees itself as a censor and regulator of Muslim institutions and behaviour in Britain is ludicrous enough, but when taking into account HJS’ own behaviour, this report becomes of pure comedic quality. However, when considering even the obnoxious title of the report; “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”, which could be deemed deeply racist and plays on anti-Muslim tropes of plots and disloyalty, one appreciates that this is far from being a laughing matter.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Charitable sector continues to win plaudits, including from Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, for its catering to the most generous and giving faith sector throughout British society. The attack from the likes of HJS, clearly irritated by the fact that British Muslims are performing so admirably in giving to those in need in Britain and around the world, will do little to deter either the Muslim charity sector or British Muslims.

MAB President, Anas Altikriti stated this morning: “It is absurd that an organisation of ill-repute such as the HJS could have the temerity to attack the Muslim charity sector in this manner, while itself unable to respond to accusations of lack of transparency and Islamophobia, if not clear-cut racism. This report underlines HJS and its mysterious backers’ absolute contempt for Muslims in Britain and its hatred for when they perform well, and is therefore, literally, not worth the many papers it is written on.”

The Muslim Association of Britain calls on the Charity Commission’s new Chair Baroness Stowell to ensure that spiteful attacks by entities such as HJS do not succeed in undermining the tremendous and indispensable work carried out by Muslim charities across all sectors of society.


Muslim Association of Britain

26th February 2018



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