The Muslim Association of Britain is outraged at the sheer level of barbarism demonstrated by Israeli forces which resulted in the killing of dozens and wounding over 2,000 unarmed Palestinian protesters today.
In figures that are more akin to an all-out warfare, 43 Palestinians were killed and over 2,300 injured as IDF personnel once again took pot shots at civilian protesters within the Gaza enclave.

As the day progressed and the numbers of those killed and wounded continued to spiral, we were anticipating an official response to match the massacre being committed before the world’s gaze, but to no avail. The only response to date came from a minister expressing concern for the violence, as if the Palestinians were armed and returning fire, whilst failing to even mention the Israelis once.

While representatives from more than 30 countries had sent representatives to attend the celebrations of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem, only a few miles away Palestinian blood was being spilled and innocent lives were taken.

The Muslim Association of Britain will be supporting the Emergency National Protest to be held on Tuesday, organised by numerous organisations, and calls on all people of compassion to attend.

Not only must the killing stop immediately; those responsible must be held to account whoever they are.

Details of the Protest:
Emergency Protest for Gaza: Stop The Killing
Tuesday 15th of May 2018
5.30pm, Downing Street

Muslim Association of Britain
14th May 2018