The Muslim Association of Britain calls upon the UK government to take immediate and decisive action to stop the Israeli government’s imminent illegal annexation of Palestinian land.

With Israel pushing forward with plans to unilaterally annex almost a third of the occupied West Bank, shamelessly taking advantage of the global preoccupation with COVID-19, the Palestinians face yet another violation of their fundamental human rights. This act of aggression, which has been described by the United Nations as “disastrous”, is illegal under international law and is expected to result in a surge in illegal settlement construction, exploitation of agricultural land and resources as well as further restrictions to the freedom of movement of Palestinians.

We call on the British government to uphold its duty to safeguard international law. Our government has a responsibility to ensure that this cycle of oppression does not continue; it must be made clear that illegal land grabbing will be met with consequences in the form of sanctions. The UK must demonstrate its commitment to human rights by ceasing its arms trade with Israel and banning trade with illegal Israeli settlements.

We add our voices to the growing international movement fighting to prevent this annexation and reiterate our support for the Palestinian people in exercising their right to self-determination, equality and freedom from occupation.


Muslim Association of Britain
1st July 2020


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