This week’s decision by Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a direct attack on the very basis of the democratic foundations of this country. The prorogation of Parliament will mean that the government will not be held accountable or scrutinised and that elected Parliamentarians will have their powers suspended. By doing this, the Prime Minister is suppressing debate on the most pressing issue that consumes our country today.

When Prime Minister Johnson took office, his job was to unite the country and bring people together – by disregarding the voice of the people, the sovereignty of Parliament and representative democracy that we live in, the Prime Minister has failed his duty.

Anas Altikriti, President of MAB, commented saying “This is a dangerous move by the Prime Minister, one which is not only fundamentally undemocratic but also goes against the interests of the public. It is imperative that our priority is to safeguard people’s democratic rights”

As the Brexit deadline nears, we are asking that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government engages with parliament and public bodies to ensure that a disastrous no-deal is avoided at all costs.


Muslim Association of Britain

30th August 2019


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