On 16/5/2015, an Egyptian court recommended to sentence ousted President Mohammad Morsi and more than 100 others to death.

This comes after a series of farcical trials orchestrated by the politicised puppet judges.

Today, the Muslim Association of Britain added its voice to the growing condemnation of these judgements.

MAB called on the British Government to uphold its declared British value of upholding democracy, by making a real political stance against Abdel Fatah Al-Sissi who has hijacked democracy from the hands of the Egyptian people.

MAB encourages everyone to protest against the unfair and corrupt high courts in Egypt, especially on social media websites and remember to mention the hashtag #MohammadMorsi.Dr Omer El-Hamdoon, President of MAB said: “Hosni Mubarak who unjustly ruled Egypt for over thirty years has been set free; whereas the democratically elected President, Mohammad Morsi, has been sentenced to death.”He added, “This is really absurd and shows what kind of world we are currently living in. There is a long way to achieve democracy and deliver basic human rights in Egypt under the dictatorial rule of Abdel Fatah Al-Sissi.”