In the Name of Allah; The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
Following its 8th General Assembly held in Birmingham on the 21st of January, 2018, the Muslim Association of Britain’s newly elected Shura (Consultative) Council met on the 11th of February and appointed the leadership which will oversee the delivery on MAB’s vision and objectives for the next four years.
The Council began by expressing its thanks and appreciation to the former leadership, noting particularly the role and contribution of the former President Dr Omer Elhamdoon and his Executive Board over the past number of years.
Subsequently, by clear majorities and by a secret ballot vote, Mohammed Kozbar was elected Chairman of the Shura Council and Dr Anas Altikriti Head of the Executive Board and President of MAB for the 8th Term.
Throughout the meeting, the Shura Council confirmed its drive for internal and external development, both in terms of methods as well as in impact. Members affirmed that MAB’s message of positivity, constructiveness and efficiency, is crucial and indispensable not only for British Muslims, but for British society as a whole. The Shura Council agreed that whilst the challenges faced internally and externally were considerable, the emerging brilliance of young talent along with the extensive pool of expertise, were more than qualified to overcome those challenges and increase the reach of the whole organisation.
This combination of talent, know-how and wisdom will be put to the test in addressing the issues which confront the Muslim community and Britain as a whole, including the alarming rise of extremism and violence on various sides, such as and not restricted to Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred, the ideological, social and economic challenges of Brexit and the impact of cuts on public services and hence on local communities.
Both the Chairman and the President will immediately begin forming their respective teams and have called on all members to approach this new term with confidence and optimism and to collaborate fully in order to ensure MAB achieves its full potential on every level.
Muslim Association of Britain
11th February 2018