MAB GM 2013The Muslim Association of Britain holds its General Meeting (2009-2013)

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) held its General Meeting on Sunday 22ndDecember 2013 (19th Safar 1435AH) in Birmingham for the purpose of electing the new Shura (Consultative) Council.

As the GM waited for the Quorum to be reached, the GM discussed the vision for MAB for the upcoming years. This session was led by Dr Anas Al-Tikriti. Once quorum was reached, the GM started by the chairperson Adnan Saif who invited the Chair of the Previous Shura council Mr Ahmed Al rawi who delivered a summary of his report as well as recommendations. This was followed by questions and answers by the delegates.  Ahmed Al rawi concluded his report by asking all delegates for more engagement in the British home issues by sharing its vision as well as fulfilling the motto of “Partners for the Common Good” with British organisations at British and European levels.

He concluded his report by saying :” I ask every one of you to put more effort to achieve the aims and objectives of MAB, to spread the merciful message of Islam and to introduce it principles and human values to British Muslims, the British society.” He also asked members to have more engagement within the society we are living in on local, national and Europeans levels. He also reiterates the support to all just causes inside and outside Britain especially in Syria, Egypt, Palestine and praying to Allah to change their hardship to ease and to make them victorious over despotic and oppressive regimes.

The MAB executive committee submitted its report (both activities and financial the term 2009 – 2013) which was summarised by Dr Omer El-Hamdoon (the outgoing President of MAB). He reminded the participants that it is the member who matters in MAB’s work and its success is measured by their collective and individual engagements in all aspects of our British society fulfilling the comprehensiveness of Islamic way of life.

He also stressed the different events which took place globally particularly the Arabic spring. He also reiterated the importance of work on the local level through our 11 branches and its members. He spoke about the many achievements that have been achieved during the past terms; and spoke of the many challenges faced.

He concluded his his report: “I strongly believe that during this term we have placed some essential building blocks for our Association to become more stable British organisation and I thank Allah for His help as well as the Shura council, the executive committees, local branches and especially the members.” He also thanked especially Sister Ameena Blake (Vice president and head of GM organising committee) and her team for their effort to make the GM a successful event.

As part of the Executive Board report, Toufik Kacimi presented the institutions achievements in the past four years under the title: “Celebrating our Achievements.”

The members applauded the achievements of MAB Executive and thanked Omer El-Hamdoon for the positive contribution he made during the past two years or so. This was followed by questions and comments about MAB and its work, which enriched the discussion.

During the day, Elections took place which resulted in the election of 17 members for MAB Shura council.

The GM ended with an open discussion where delegates were able their views and suggestions for the new elected MAB shura council and its executive board.

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