The Muslim Association of Britain mourns the death of Egypt’s first and only democratically-elected president, Mohammed Morsi, and sends its condolences to Morsi’s family and the people of Egypt.

Dr Morsi’s death comes after he was subjected to six years of horrifying, inhumane and degrading punishment, which included prevention of visitation by his family or lawyers and a prohibition of access to medical care despite his deteriorating condition.

Today also marks exactly seven years since Dr Morsi became the country’s first freely elected president. The country has not seen a democratic election since and instead sees the worst human rights record in modern times.

Anas Altikriti, President of MAB, reacted to the news stating, “Dr Morsi’s deteriorating condition was well documented. When a panel of British Parliamentarians visited him, they concluded that the prison’s conditions and Dr Morsi’s confinement could be classified as torture; and could also lead to his premature death.

“Today we are calling for everyone around the world who upholds the basic values of freedom and justice to strongly condemn this state-sponsored elimination of opposition and dissent.”

“We are inviting Mosques and Islamic centres across the country to address this case and its implications in their sermons and to hold the Janaza in absentia prayers.”

The Muslim Association of Britain will be holding a number of public events in the upcoming days. Details of this will be released later.


Muslim Association of Britain
17th June 2019


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