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On the 17th of December 2015, Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron finally announced the findings of the review into the work and activities of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was commissioned in April 2014. The review made heavy mention of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and its activities. The methods of the review along with findings and conclusions were produced in a lengthy report.

The Muslim Association of Britain has the following comments:

1) The report contains some accurate findings albeit mixed with misinformation, skewed assumptions and improper conclusions.

2) The report contains statements that portray an inaccurate image of MAB. For example, the statement: “MAB (like the MCB) have consistently opposed programmes by successive Governments to prevent terrorism” fails to take into account that preventing terrorism is a shared goal, and while MAB has seen the successive Government strategies under ‘Prevent’ or its later iterations as fundamentally flawed, MAB has an alternate vision on the correct strategy for preventing terrorism in the UK, shared by many other UK Muslim organisations.

3) The Palestinian people are under illegal occupation and their land has been forcefully taken from them. To equate their right to resist with terrorism only serves the narrative of the occupying Israeli forces. Implying, as was done in the report, that by supporting the right of Palestinians to resist occupation, MAB endorses terrorism in any way in the UK or elsewhere, is a gross misrepresentation of the views of MAB and its activities.

4) MAB has and continues to work for the common good of society, through education, community integration and charitable activities. It denounces terrorism and violent extremism, and actively works to counter all forms of extremism.

In the coming weeks, MAB will produce a detailed response to the Government’s review, which it believes was ‘plainly’ wrong on several counts.


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The Government’s ‘Muslim Brotherhood Review’ – The Muslim Council of Britain Responds