MAB Statement to the G7 on Palestine

June 10th, 2021|Comments Off on MAB Statement to the G7 on Palestine

The G7 is meeting in the UK. These are countries who on the record say they are committed to upholding ‘the rules-based international order’. Adherence to international law is a fundamental part of this order. It is also accepted that if any country is exempted from international law, it is permission for all others to exempt themselves. The continued dispossession and the most recent attacks on Gaza remind us that for 73 years the Palestinians have been waiting for international law to be enforced against Israel. Israel has served as permanent evidence to dictators, tyrants, and war criminals that international justice can be evaded.    

Israel has illegally dispossessed Palestinians, it has illegally denied them the right of return, it has illegally imported settlers and placed them on Palestinian land, and sustains them with subsidies and by force of arms. It has carried out extrajudicial killings and warrantless arrests. It continues to practice apartheid in its treatment of Palestinians. It has wiped out entire civilian families in revenge attacks for them having armed relatives; this is a war crime. It has boasted of having used disproportionate force; this is a war crime. It has tortured systematically inside prisons; this is a war crime.  It has carried out ‘broken bones’ campaigns to snatch and send civilians home with broken limbs; this is a war crime. It has plundered public and private Palestinian’ property; this is a war crime. It has wiped out Palestinian villages; this is a war crime. It has mistreated prisoners of war; this is a war crime. It has murdered, deported, and persecuted on religious and ethnic grounds; these are all crimes against humanity.   

This is both a message and a challenge to the G7 as they recalibrate their relationships with each other and the world after the chaos of the Trump years. G7 leaders should look to the thousands who will be gathering outside 10 Downing Street at 1pm on Saturday 12 June, asking for Palestine’s long overdue justice; these individuals living in one part of the world calling for justice in another are the best embodiment of a better international order.   


Muslim Association of Britain

10th June 2021

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