The Muslim Engagement and Development forum better known as MEND launched its 2015 strategy last night at its annual dinner in Bayswater London. Head of MEND Sufyan Ismail began by outlining the work and vision of MEND and a succession of regional managers then provided updates on the progress of the organisation over the past 12 months.

The organisation has set its sights on 10 key pieces of legislation that it wishes to see amended, repealed, strengthened or introduced. This includes ensuring that Muslims are covered by the law which currently prevents the abuse of black people, jewish or sikhs but excludes Muslim. The group also launched its strategic plans to have some influence in the forthcoming general elections, it claims that Muslims are in a unique position to affect the outcome of the poll scheduled for May 2015.

MEND also revealed the launch of a new unit to help individuals or organisations minimise the effect of negative publicity. The Chief Executive claimed that the finance for the unit was available and its central aim was to provide the best ligation lawyers, public relations experts and crisis management teams to assist Muslim individuals or groups.