In the name of Allah Almighty; the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Dear Sisters and Brothers, respected Members of the Muslim Association of Britain,

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh


As we see in the 8th term of the Muslim Association of Britain and look forward to the next 4 years, allow me to shed light on how I see our immediate and mid-term future, in hope that we can initiate a discussion and collectively create a shared vision for our organisation. I also look forward to this shaping our conversations when I come to meet with you in your branches over the coming few weeks Inshallah.

Firstly, I wish to assert the values and good practices which I hope will guide our actions this term:

  • Remembering always that everything we do with or for MAB is for the pleasure of Allah Almighty alone and our personal investment for our respective Hereafter. As such, I would remind myself first and foremost, and every one of you to look inside their hearts on a regular basis and ensure that that is their one and only motivation.
  • Without sacrifice (in time, effort, and wealth), our investment with Allah Almighty will be unworthy of what we claim to seek.
  • Our efforts must be as near to perfect as possible. We must never accept or be satisfied with mediocre or average outputs. Excellence must be our pursuit in all what we do, say, write or present.
  • Further, it is unacceptable that we rely on outdated methods, old tools and irrelevant narratives, even when they come under the false guise of ‘tradition’. Our methods must be modern, our ideas contemporary, our tools the most advanced and our discourse relevant to all sectors of those whom we are addressing.
  • It is imperative that we are constructive and positive, particularly that we face substantial challenges on many fronts. It is easy to be critical, but it is imperative that we be constructive in our criticism, and always attempt to provide possible solutions to the problems we point out.
  • We must move away from the culture of blame and learn to hold ourselves responsible instead. Every member of MAB must stand responsible for a part of MAB’s collective effort. It is unacceptable for anyone to be a mere observer, or a consumer, with little or no input. Therefore, ask yourself: “what is my role in and responsibility towards MAB?”
  • MAB is essentially a people-based organisation, and therefore every one of you is the most important asset of MAB. Projects, institutions, platforms and campaigns are only important because they ultimately serve the individual. Winning an institution at the expense of losing people, is a poor win indeed.

In moving forward and as I am presently busy forming the new Executive Board, I request that we all bear in mind the following guidelines:

First: MAB is essentially a Da’wa (propagation) organisation. We must never forget that, even when we’re occupied by a political event, a media campaign, a youth project or a charitable function.

Second: Understanding the concept of Da’wa means to appreciate that it’s not about converting people to Islam. It means much more than that. It essentially means to be at the service of everyone, an element of good wherever we stand and a vital and indispensable organ within our society as a whole.

Third: We must progress and move forward in everything we do. We do not simply repeat certain actions, functions or events for the sake of ticking boxes or so that we can be satisfied that we have ‘done our bit’. We must take a step forward every single day in everything we do and on every level that we operate.

Fourth: By the blessing and grace of Allah Almighty, we have a rich array of expertise, qualifications, skills and talents in many fields of human endeavour, held by hundreds of brilliant sisters and brothers of all backgrounds and ages. It would be a great waste not to capitalise on and make the most of those immense resources in delivering the message of MAB, indeed the message of Islam, to all our audiences.

Fifth: MAB is indeed a Muslim organisation with a primary responsibility towards the British Muslim community, but its message is fit, in fact crucial, for British society as a whole. It is essential that we deliver on that responsibility in our discourse, means and policies.

As we move forward I humbly request that we all:

  • renew our intentions and devote all our efforts to Allah Almighty
  • re-focus our outlooks by understanding the contexts within which we operate today
  • offer a Du’a (prayer) to all our sisters and brothers, and especially those who are shouldering hefty responsibilities.
  • set our priorities right; our brotherly relationships for the sake of Allah must come before any other consideration.
  • find our posts, excel in whatever we perform and deliver with distinction.
  • be grateful to Allah Almighty for guiding us to be in the service of Islam through MAB

May Allah bless us all with Ikhlas (sincerity), show us the right path in all our endeavours and guide us to choosing to tread it.

I look forward to meeting you all very shortly Inshallah.


Wassalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh


Your Brother,


Anas Altikriti

25th February 2018