by Khalil Charles

Its official! Mohammed is the most popular boy’s name in the U.K. and Mariam is in the top three of women’s names. That was the topic of interest for a Russian Television crew who came to interview the President of Muslim Association of Britain about the significance of the name. Dr. Omer El Hamdoon explained that the name Mohammed was an indication of the presence of Muslims in today’s modern Britain.

Dr. El Hamdoon explained, “Muslims are now firmly part of the fabric of British society.” The camera crew who broadcast the story in Russia dubbed into the Russian language also talked to MAB office manger, Mohammed Saihi and asked him about the reasons he was named with the UK’s most popular name. Mohammed Saihi pointed  out that in many Muslim families its a tradition to call a least one of the new borns `’Mohammed’ in remembrance of the Prophet Mohammed (may peace be upon him).