International Arabic Language Day

Close-up of text from the KoranThe International Arabic Language Day (December 18th) marks the date that Arabic became an official language in the United Nations, in 1973. Since that date and as a consequence of major world events, Arabic has become an important core language in the world today.

We at the Muslim Association of Britain support initiatives to ensure the continuation and every day usage of Arabic throughout the world. It is of note that the numbers of student studying Arabic in universities in the UK is on the rise and this extends to students of varying backgrounds, and not merely with Arab backgrounds attempting to master the fundamentals of the language.

MAB believes Arabic is a major gateway for Business and Commerce in the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) area and represents a means to deepen ties and bring a better understanding about cultural issues in the region.

Arabic is of course the language of the Qur’an, the holiest Book in Islam and provides learners with the opportunity to access concepts, ideas and religious sentiment in its purest and most eloquent form.

In addition, MAB welcomes the move to have a new Arabic script domain on the Internet. With over 140 million users of the Internet there remains a vast potential for information and data to be stored and disseminated in Arabic.

President of MAB, Dr Omer El–Hamdoon welcomed the day, “The International Day of Arabic Language is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a language spoken by half a billion people across the planet. Arabic is one of the official languages of the United Nations and maintains the potential to be a great language of arts, science and business. Here at MAB, Arabic plays a very important role in our organisation and we encourage our young people to use the language and learn more about it.”