On 22nd April 2017, MAB was delighted to be at the Muslim Teachers “Creativity and Innovation” Awards ceremony organised by Nida Trust in London.


It was a pleasure for us to attend this event celebrating Muslim Teachers’ achievements across the country. Teachers in all fields have been recognised and awarded: Science & Technology, Business & enterprise, Sports, Pastoral, Qur’an, Arabic, Islamic studies, Citizenship, Literacy, Numeracy and Arts.


The winners were pleased to see their efforts awarded. Teachers are more than ever motivated to carry on their mission: educating tomorrow’s British citizens.


Speakers delivered motivating talks to commend this difficult but essential profession. Some guests specially came from abroad for this event like Prof Recep Şentürk. For him, teaching is preserving the nature of the Humankind who has been honoured by the capacity of learning and teaching.

Humility and respect need to be shown to those who sincerely dedicate their time in teaching our Youth how to think, opening their minds and their dreams for the future.


MAB’s President, Omer El-Hamdoon said “This was a great night, full of inspiration, motivation and innovation. It was wonderful to see so many people coming together to celebrate teaching and education. I sincerely wish Nida Trust continuation of success and achievements”.


MAB joins Nida Trust to congratulate the winners of this ceremony and also all the passionate teachers in the UK who couldn’t attend this event.

The importance of teaching and learning is emphasized a number of times in the Qur’an and the Sunnah.


Indeed teaching is a great way to build a better society with more justice and strong values.

And as children are naturally open-minded, passing knowledge onto them and preserving their open minds is an art and a mission.

MAB is grateful to all the Muslim teachers across the UK who contribute without respite in creating a better future.