The Muslim Association of Britain is shocked and dismayed at the killing of yet another innocent person in Britain.
Nahed Al Manea, a young PhD student in her thirties, wearing Islamic dress, was walking in Colchester’s Salary Brook Trail when she was brutally beaten and stabbed. Tragically, she died at the scene.
“We need to sit up and pay attention. The situation is at a critical level now”, said Ameena Blake, MAB’s Vice President.
“Let’s take notice and take action to bring our communities together. This horrendous crime has the potential to create further divides.”
Whilst it’s too early to know the motives behind this tragic death, it is important to work hard to prevent any attacks based on anti-Muslim hatred and vice versa.
At this moment, our thoughts are with her family and relatives; and we pray that God has mercy on the deceased, and may she rest in peace.