The month of Ramadan is here; a time for spirituality, charity and community. Over the next month, Muslims in Britain and around the globe will fast during the day-time and break their fast together at sunset, opening the doors of their mosques to their neighbours and sharing their evening meal with them.

Crucially, Ramadan is also a time for reflection. It is a chance to show appreciation for our blessings, and to empathise and show support for those who are suffering and in need. This year, Ramadan comes at a particularly challenging time, a time where xenophobia and Islamophobia are on the rise and the world is reeling from the horrors of the Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Pittsburgh attacks. It is important to reflect and embody the values of solidarity, compassion, unity and patience.

The Muslim Association of Britain would like to extend its warm wishes to all for a peaceful and blessed Ramadan. May this month serve as a reminder for us all to reflect on the values of patience and gratitude, to reach out to those who need our help and to unite against the hatred which threatens our communities.


Muslim Association of Britain
5th May 2019


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