Dear brothers and sisters,

Assalaamu alaykum..

As humans, we thrive on new beginnings. Fresh starts have a tremendous impact on how we reset our minds positively towards what is to come ahead.

We have launched our bi-monthly newsletter to coincide with the new Hijri year. The migration of the early Muslims carries endless lessons of new beginnings and numerous sacrifices that were made for the message to thrive and progress. As Muslims, we should not think of migration in its physical sense only, but rather consider it as a state in which one migrates from a low level of belief to a higher level. Migrating should represent a turning point in our lives to bring us closer to Allah (swt).

In MAB, we continuously strive to enable our members to achieve their best. We strive to add value to the societies we belong to by building bridges with all.

This newsletter is a channel where we bring you MAB’s exciting news. Join us in recognising our achievements and events. Our valued members will be celebrated as we recognise the tremendous work they do in their localities. This newsletter is to strengthen our relations as we get to know each another more.

We welcome your feedback to enhance the quality of our work. Let’s migrate together to an elevated and positive outlook for the journey to come. Please remember us in your prayers.

Remember to check on those around you and show kindness towards all.





Raghad Altikriti | MAB President








MAB is dedicated to serving society by promoting the accepted understanding of Islam with its spiritual teachings, ideals, civil concepts and moral values, all directed towards serving humanity. It does this by focussing on personal and spiritual development of its members, the youth and juniors, with the aim of instigating and inspiring positive societal impact.

MAB’s work can be summarised in our mission statement:




And our motto is this verse:


















The largest recent national event we had was the Ramadan Qur’an competition held in June.

It was a very successful event alhamdulillah! Here’s a summary:

  • The competition had 3 adult levels and 5 junior levels
  • 9 branches took part
  • There were 209 contestants!
  • We had 7 panels and 14 judges
  • There were 19 winners
Click on the photo for a video with most of the winners!

(Photograph from Ramadan Qur’an competition 2019 archive)














(In every issue, we will choose an office or a branch or a member to celebrate)

In this issue, we want to celebrate the MAB Juniors Office which was launched in Ramadan and has been absolutely brilliant, holding many events such as multiple online halaqat, a Tarteel program, a Ramadan Qur’an competition amongst other activities. The latest activity held by the office was a Hajj 3D model competition, and we would love to share with you the video of the winners of the competition [CLICK THE PHOTO BELOW].

To find out more about what MAB Juniors do, please contact them at: mabjuniors@mabonline.net





Please support MAB. We need your support so that we can continue to serve you and the British community.