northlondonThe North Branch of Muslim Association of Britain – Women Section organised a day activity for the sisters and their children during the Easter holidays on 11th of April 2013.

The activity was attended by more than 50 sisters and 125 children. The sisters’ program included various activities such as talks delivered by the prominent Sister Zaineb Mustafa entitled “Improve yourself and teach others”. Another talk delivered by sister Rola Al-Agha entitled “Maintaining high aspirations”. The program included a spiritual side where there was time after prayers for reading verses from the Quran in groups and contemplating on the meanings and reciting the regular remembrance prayers together.

A creative part to the program included where the sisters worked in groups to produce artwork around the theme of sisterhood and working in a group.

An innovative idea was tested through this day activity by assigning the children aged 5 and over to 4 main committees:

1.    Food and Serving committee worked under the theme ‘The best of you are those who feed others’ and wore their chef hats. This committee prepared light meals and lunch for the children and their mothers. They helped in cake decorating, slicing vegetables using safe knives and dessert preparations. They did a great job in keeping everyone full and satisfied.

2.    Media Committee worked under the theme ‘Opinion and counter opinion’ and wore their Media Passes. The members of this committee covered the whole event by taking photos, interviewing both children and adults and a publishing a newsletter covering the various activities during the day.

3.    The Cleaning and Maintenance committee worked under the theme ‘Allah is clean and loves cleanliness’. They wore a yellow ribbon across their chest. The members of this committee ensured that the place remained clean throughout the day. The members were as young as 5 years but they were enjoying their duties and loved being armed with their brush and pan.

4.    Organisation committee worked under the theme ‘Help each other to goodness and piety’ and wore high visibility jackets. This committee held the most number of children as it had various duties. The children had to guard the main doors and exits and ensure no child was out of the building. They also had to supervise the various activity tables and the games room. They roamed the main hall to help in serving the women and ensuring the hall was quiet during talks.

All the committees had rotas every hour or so, for the children to try out all different activities within their committee and to prevent boredom.

The day was ended with a recognition party where all the children and mothers joined in celebrating each child by calling out their name and thanking them. Everyone left with a party bag and a hopefully a smile.