The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) is gravely concerned over government proposals to engage Britain in a military campaign in Syria.

Whilst not questioning the existential threat and danger posed by the nihilistic Daesh (ISIS) who have taken control of certain areas within Iraq and Syria, a bombing campaign – however intensive – is never going to provide the answer, nor will it result in a better outcome. Indeed, the only sure outcome of such a campaign would be the dissemination of Daesh’s vile ideology on the one hand and the bolstering of a tyrannical regime which has overseen the obliteration of Syria and its people.

The atrocities committed by Daesh throughout the region and beyond, manifested in the latest criminal attacks in Paris, can only be condemned in the most unequivocal of terms, and their determination to continue their campaign of terror and destruction wherever and whenever must be stopped. On the other hand, the crimes committed by Assad against his own people, resulting in the destruction of the country and vast numbers of the Syrian population must also be seen in the exact similar light, and his campaign of terror must also be confronted and brought to an end.

Dr Omer El-Hamdoon, President of MAB stated today: “If nothing else, Britain’s military intervention in the Middle East has always been of disastrous outcomes to all concerned, including to Britain and its own security.

“The least the British people need is another engagement which will cost billions of taxpayer’s money which the government continuously claims is unavailable for basic services, countless civilian lives claimed in Syria which will create new recruits for the likes of Daesh, British casualties and a new wave of violence and terrorism in an already dangerously volatile region”.

Syria is by far the biggest and most pronounced stain on the international community, from the political as well as the humanitarian perspectives. Bombing it will only compound our culpability in the major crime committed against the Syrian people. We could do without making more enemies.


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