Killing of Jo Cox bears hallmark of hate which she fought all her life

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) joins the country in expressing its shock and utter condemnation as to the killing of Labour MP Jo Cox outside her surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire today.

Jo Cox was renowned for her life-long struggle for the most vulnerable throughout Britain and across the world, bringing the plight of women and children suffering difficult circumstances to the attention of policy makers. Her stand for children in Syria was merely one of the many campaigns she had championed, and for which she will always be remembered.

As the police investigation continues, speculation will inevitably gather as to the motives that drove her killer to commit this heinous and despicable crime. However, there is little doubt that a main driver was hate; something that Jo Cox had fought all her life and throughout her career. It is therefore imperative in light of this attack and numerous others in the past, that considerable thought be given to the personal safety and security of public figures, such as Members of Parliament, so that they can continue their work without fear or intimidation.

Our collective thoughts, and those of our members and supporters, go out to the family and loved ones of Jo Cox.