London Muslims urged to vote in crucial Mayoral election

Date: 26 April 2016

On the 5th of May, Londoners will decide who will be the next Mayor.
The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) encourages all Londoners and Muslims in particular to participate in this important election and to make the most of their votes for the best possible future for London and Londoners.

There is little doubt that the Mayor of London has a crucial role to play that affects the lives of Londoners and promotes policies on critical issues including housing, transportation, fighting crime, policing and education. In short, London’s next mayor will hold one of the most powerful elected positions outside of government. However, what makes this election even more important for London’s one million Muslims is that in a bizarre and disappointing shift of attention from all sides, the issue seems to have become Islam and Muslims, rather than the future welfare and progress of one of the greatest cities in the world and its citizens. Recently, even the Prime Minister waded in this demeaning discussion, adding further stain to an already negatively charged campaign.

Dr Omer El-Hamdoon, President of MAB said, “The type of politics that have been used in the current Mayoral campaign are a symptom of a deeper problem in our society today. That problem is the normalisation of Islamophobia in an attempt to win votes. No doubt this type of campaigning will have negative consequences on London’s Muslims.”

Hence, MAB calls on all mayoral candidates and their campaigning teams, and especially the Conservative and Labour candidates, to make the most of the remaining few days in a constructive and positive manner. Demonising and stigmatising one out of every 8 Londoners is hardly a campaign worthy of the voters and is a sure way to drive a wedge between our capital’s great social mosaic of faiths, races, ethnicities and cultures.


Note to Editors:
The Muslim Association of Britain has been around for nearly two decades. Set up in 1997, it is dedicated to serving society through promoting the comprehensive understanding of Islam in all its dimensions. We believe that a person’s faith is a positive influence in his/her contribution to society.

MAB seeks to achieve its goals through its various units; which include: Youth and Students, Women, Media, Public Relations, Education Politics and Scouts. It has several branches covering Britain’s main cities, and is constantly engaged in scrutinising its work with the aim of improving it.

In the UK, MAB is an affiliate member of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) – an umbrella organisation which works to represent Muslims in diverse matters. MAB is also a founding member of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Body (MINAB), which seeks to develop and improve working standards in mosques and Islamic centres, as well as training Imams and developing their skills. On the Europe scene, MAB is a member of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE), a federation of organisations which work all over Europe on joint matters.

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