Today, the Prime Minister announced the launch of a new initiative to encourage Muslim women to learn English.

The intended outcome of this initiative would be to support Muslim women, who with the ability to understand and converse in English, will be able to get jobs, interact more in society and speak out against radicalising elements.

Whilst the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) believes that such an initiative will do little to prevent young radicals from joining ISIS, it welcomes it as a positive step in empowering women in the Muslim community.

MAB’s vision is “Muslims At their Best” and we believe that through empowering Muslim women there will be better contributions of British Muslims to British society and the world at large.

MAB believes that the most effective way of countering all types of extremism is through positive contributions in society, and women are central to this.

On a different note, MAB is concerned that Muslim women have been singled out from among other faiths who equally have similar issues.
Dr Omer El-Hamdoon – President of MAB – said: “Although the actual number of non-English speaking Muslim women is low, we welcome this initiative. We believe Muslim women who speak English as well as another language will be a positive influence in society. It will also mean they will be better positioned to continue their own education as well as support their families.”