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Arrest warrant to silence Islamic Scholar unjust and should be resisted

In response to allegations made by the Egyptian regime, ‘Interpol’ the international police organisation issued an arrest warrant for the Egyptian born scholar, Yusuf Qaradawi

The Muslim Association Britain believes that the latest move against the Islamic leader Yusuf Qaradawi is yet another illustration of the desperation into which a tyrannical leader have descended in trying to silence any form of opposition.

Therefore, MAB unequivocally condemns those who have made these spurious accusations against Sheikh Qaradawi and forty other scholars and activists. We call on the Qatari government not to respond to the warrant and to resist any attempts to transfer this elderly man to face an uncertain future in Egypt.

Any close examination of the writing and Islamic legal judgments reveals this Cleric to be a moderate reasonable scholar who has worked tireless to spread the correct understanding of Islam. He was one of the first Islamic scholars to condemn the 9/11 attacks and recently has been heavily critical of the brutality of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

In his own statement, Sheikh Qaradawi pointed out that he is not in any way responsibility for murder or inciting killings but those who are responsible for the summary execution of up to a 1,000 unarmed civilians at the protest at Rabiaa Square following the illegal removal of President Mohammed Morsi in Egypt are greeted and received in Western capital, Russia and the United Nations.

On the contrary, MAB wish to affirm the current President of Egypt must bear the full responsibility for those tragic events and should face trial for the massacres of innocent protestors.

The charges against the 40 men are extremely vague but are said to include agreement, incitement and assistance to commit intentional murder, helping prisoners to escape, arson, vandalism and theft. The 88-year old scholar has categorically denied these charges.

In our view, this move latest desperate attempt to place pressure on the Qatari government and to silence Qaradawi who has consistently called for freedom, justice and liberty for the Palestinian and other oppressed peoples. We urge Doha not bow to this unfair and unjust indictment.


Muslim Association of Britain
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Notes to Editors:
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