REVIVE is a British initiative that aims through a Tarbiyah process to equip British Muslims with the knowledge and skills that enable them to develop themselves and positively contribute to the wider society.

The programme will enrich and supplement the Islamic learning experience while enhancing a balanced understanding of Islam creatively through a variety of activities that bridge the gap between knowledge and action.

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Programme Structure

The programme is structured to achieve its aims by transferring essential knowledge and skills through five main activities:

  1. Retreat Weekends
  2. Focus Days
  3. Projects
  4. Personal Development
  5. MABinars: MAB webinars

You are welcome to attend any of the above; and you can take things at your own pace.

Knowledge Component

  1. Islamic Creed (Aqeedah)
  2. Qur’an: Sciences of the Qur’an
  3. Tafseer of selected verses
  4. Hadith sciences
  5. Study of selected hadith
  6. Fiqh
  7. Seerah of the Prophet salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam (peace be upon him)
  8. Biography of selected historic figures
  9. Akhlaaq: The Muslim Character
  10. Tazkiyah (spiritual development)
  11. Islamic Thought
  12. Contemporary Issues
  13. Personal skills

REVIVE Mission

To establish a series of Tarbiyah programmes that becomes a hub for British Muslims to:

  • purify hearts that are attached to their Lord
  • aspire minds to be intellectual and open
  • develop self-disciplined, socially aware role models
  • who benefit British society and Humankind.


  1. Strengthen the individuals’ relationship with Allah (Exalted be He) with personal and intimate acts of worship and support them to stand firm in their religion.
  2. Strengthen the ties of brotherhood/sisterhood, and love for the sake of Allah.
  3. Study the essential Islamic sciences and develop the Muslim character.
  4. Develop skills necessary to present Islam positively, including leadership and communication.
  5. Establishing a holistic understanding of Islam that may be implemented in every aspect of everyday life.
  6. Help participants to build their critical thinking to be able to reason within a diverse environment
  7. Develop the participants’ initiative and talent of self-learning and advance their knowledge and skills further
  8. Encourage active engagement in society through a variety of platforms based on a clear understanding of the wider issues relevant to Muslims in the UK.

Programme Characteristics

The programme presents a Tarbiyah experience characterised by:

  • Authenticity: All materials used throughout the programme are based on the Holy Quran, authentic Sunnah and teachings of the righteous scholars.
  • Relevance: designed to cater for the needs and demands of British Muslims, aiming to develop “active citizens” who contribute to public life, whilst preserving their Islamic identity.
  • Comprehensiveness: It develops an individual as a whole through the three domains described earlier.
  • Flexibility: It fits around a busy lifestyle whether an individual is in work or education by operating with short intense activities to optimise on available time.
  • Practicality: It aims to develop “active” Muslims who play key roles in their local communities as well as contribute to public life by relating the theoretical knowledge to practical activities.
  • Social: It aims to create a positive environment, where many relationships will be formed and networking skills will be acquired.
  • Enjoyable: Emphasis on creating an exciting environment to attract a variety of people, and to encourage attendance and commitment.