Ramadan Magazine

Welcome to Ramadan

I’m happy to welcome you to the Ramadan Magazine 2016; where we hope to provide some important insights into Ramadan and making the most of it.

Ramadan is the month of spirituality and drawing near to Allah. On page 4, you can read a beautiful reminder about increasing our spirituality in this blessed month, which contains great opportunities and a night greater than 1000 months.

Ramadan is the month of action and good deeds. On pages 8 and 9, we’ve included a useful checklist for you to complete on every day of this blessed month. This checklist contains a summary of important things you can do in coming closer to Allah, and to keep you on target in achieving taqwa (piety).

Our guide to the Ramadan basics on pages 6-7 helps you to understand fasting and the rules relating to it. We’ve included some basic differences between the scholars, as we live in a diverse community with a range of valid opinions.

Our Beloved Prophet ﷺ was a man of charity who loved to give and help others, more so in the month of Ramadan. In this magazine, you can find signposts to increase your charitable giving. Lots of people give their obligatory Zakat in Ramadan in an attempt to harness the extra rewards linked to this month. And that’s why you will find a two page spread (16-17) about how to calculate your Zakat and possible avenues of paying it.

Don’t miss the “Introducing MAB” page which tells more about the organisation behind this magazine (page 11). Our youth section: MAB Youth and our sister organisation MAB Charitable Trust also introduce themselves.

If you’re feeling a bit clever and want to challenge yourself, then why not try our quizzes with chances to win great prizes, on page 22. And on that same page you will find two other competitions: one for the poets among you and another for those with artistic inclinations.

And on the last page, you will see some of beautifully drawn cartoons…..

I’d like to thank our sponsors who have made this magazine possible, and I encourage you to read their sponsored pages.

Ramadan is a month of all great things. This Ramadan, we really hope you will unlock the potential in YOU, moving towards achieving excellence and being part of our vision: “Muslims At their Best.”

I ask Allah to bless you, your time and wealth.


Omer El-Hamdoon (President)

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